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Never on My Bucket List

Written by Gina Bridgeford, 2016 Team Member

Traveling to Nigeria was never on my bucket list. However after getting to know the A2S organization, I was quickly inspired and drawn to their mission. I wanted to join in their thoughtful work to feed, empower and educate the children of Benin City. The members of this organization are very passionate about their mission and put in many hours of hard work and thoughtful planning. They are committed to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

This last year has been very inspiring for me. I’ve met the students that are currently in the U.S. attending high school and college and spent much time with them. It is amazing watching them blossom and grow. They are excelling in school, earning many awards and honors and giving back to their communities. I keep the photos of their graduations, activities, host families and friends in my phone. I enjoy sharing them with others and telling the A2S story. They are a reminder to me of the program’s success and how blessed we are to have these students be a part of our lives and family.

I’m writing this on what was a special day for me. Uche, Juliette, and Andrew came for a visit and a special time of sharing and celebrating. They talked about our upcoming visit to Benin City and described what that would be like. They are proud of their home and anxious for us to experience life there. It was especially touching to see their smiles and excitement to be returning their family and friends.

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