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Evelyn and Tobore: Dreams Realized

A few years ago, Evelyn and Tobore attended an Access to Success (A2S) empowerment camp, working through interactive stations with other participants. Recently, Evelyn told A2S founder Andrew Lovedale that this experience at the camp “taught us that we can do anything we set our minds to and be transparent and honest in our dealings.” Evelyn partnered with Tobore to open a photography studio, which helped pay their way through school. Not only do they continue to thrive with their business Tbr_Photography, as the best studio (Eve Studio) serving students on campus (at UniBen), they also serve as part-time photographers for A2S. And if that weren’t exciting enough, the two are engaged to be married. We are so proud of Evelyn and Tobore. When Andrew visited their studio in January, he had this to say: “Thanks for the chills I felt walking into your studio today. They were ones of joy.” You can follow Evelyn and Tobore on Instagram at @Tbr_Photography.

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