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Impact Update – A2S Family Edition

We are so grateful for your continued support for not only the children but for the whole family. Even now, although it is far from a holiday, your support is allowing us to deliver food and educational material to entire families that have been affected by COVID-19. 

  • Our staff in Nigeria continue to care for the individual while also checking in with each family unit. The After School Academy kids have been divided up and assigned to staff members, who make a point to regularly check-in and see how they are doing with their homework assignments. The good news is, the children are hard at work, and their parents are pleased with the additional activities.
  • Nigeria is mostly a communal living environment, often sharing cooking spaces and bathrooms. Therefore staying home is challenging; however, the A2S kids are listening and staying inside with their families. We are thrilled to report that all children and their families are well. Parents are engaging more with their children, teaching skills, and creating memories that otherwise would not exist due to work obligations. One A2S kid, Ahuya, excitedly reported that her mother taught her how to make a corn-based dish called pap. This is a skill that might come in handy in the future!
  • Parents continue to share their gratitude for the supplies that A2S has provided. It is because of these provisions that they can stay healthy and spend time with their families. The A2S staff continues to put necessary supplies together for our After School Academy kids and their families so that they will remain safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.
  • ZOOM! Last week we had the joy and privilege to meet with several A2S family members. We chatted with people all across the globe about what is going on within A2S. Our U.S. Scholars joined in and shared how they are dealing with the pandemic, A2S staff members joined in and shared the impact our donors are having on the community, and our monthly givers, FaithFuel community members, joined in a discussion on how to continue to make a sustainable impact in the lives of our children.

⛑️It is because of your support that all of this is made possible!⁠ Donate to help families at the After School Academy during this time of crisis. Every little bit helps! Let’s give the kids a little holiday spirit in April. 


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