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Kristina Phillips

Written by: Kristina Phillips, A2S Trip Member 2017/2018

God has a plan. That is something that I have been reminded of ever since I came on the mission trip last year. Today was another wonderful reminder.

The boys were going to start their day playing basketball, and the girls would begin with the first day of Empowerment Camp. It was sunny and hot when we arrived and we opened the camp in prayer. Shortly after it began to rain, and we realized the plans for the day had to change. The team switched gears and, while the girl’s Empowerment Camp went as scheduled, the boys sat under the covered stadium stands and had an impromptu empowerment lesson of their own. I was part of the girl’s empowerment and was filled with joy and excitement again this year with how excited and involved these girls are to learn and participate. Today we talked about establishing camp norms, getting to know your fellow campers and the roles our minds play in us being able to reach our goals. Once the girls completed their portions, the boys began their turn of the scheduled empowerment lesson. I stayed with the girls and got to witness the impromptu lesson. The talk of relationships and social media was so relevant and even resonated with me and I’m sure the fellow staff members. Such a wonderful lesson and a great reminder for everyone.

I was also greeted by and got to visit with so many kids I met last year.   I remember they asked if I was coming back and they seemed genuinely excited to see me again. The boys and girls finally got to play some basketball which is always so fun to watch.  I was so encouraged that they were not disappointed in the rain and delay in playing, but rather embraced and were excited and interested in all of the lessons and opportunities they had today to learn. I am so excited to see what the next two days of camp have in store.

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