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Justice’s Pre-Trip Blog

In preparation for my trip back home, I have been thinking in retrospect for what this past year held for me. In this past year, my perspective about life has changed in many ways. Living my life, is knowing it is not all about me. Instead of always looking for what I can get, I have learned to find within me what I have to offer back.

This trip to Nigeria (my home) is an opportunity to put words into action and work with the A2S team—both from the USA and the Nigeria base team—to not only assist but to empower. Doing so with events like the basketball camp with it subsequent empowerment session. I hope to be an example to my peers, and show that we are in this together because in the end, assistance gets you out of a hole but, empowerment keeps you from falling inside and can even get you out incase you do fall.

It is wonderful to see this organization (A2S) defying the norm and the tendency to being aid-based, and be on the route to become fully an empowerment based organization with activities like the [entrepreneurship] incubator lined up for this year.

This past year has taught me about family and what we all can do by standing together. On this trip I hope to reunite with my nuclear family. This is what I am most looking forward to on this trip.

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