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From Mentee to Mentor

We are focusing this month on the value of mentoring. There are so many benefits to having a mentor as you grow your business. Experience, wisdom, perspective, and knowledge are just a few of the reasons why we encourage all of our A2S entrepreneurs to have a close mentor. ⁠We had a moment to chat with James Momoh, 2017 A2S Pitch Competition winner and A2S mentor, to hear his take on the value of business advising. ⁠

A2S: What is your expertise? 
James Momoh: Crop Biotechnologist. I research and seek ways to improve the conventional methods of cropping through technology.


A2S: What is your greatest success?
James Momoh: I consider my greatest success winning the A2S Entrepreneur incubator program, which led to the establishment of St. James Farms in November of 2017. I am grateful that my farm has been successfully up and running since then.

A2S: What is your greatest failure?
James Momoh: I dropped a golden opportunity to do my master’s degree program abroad.  

A2S: What lessons have you learned and would like to share with others?
James Momoh: Though there will be trying times, I have learned never to give up. I work hard to remember “where there is life, there is hope.”

A2S: What has your experience been like mentoring for A2S?
James Momoh: Mentoring for A2S has been an exciting experience. It is like a two-way street. I learn from the mentees just as they learn for me.

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