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We Believe in Mercy

Nine year old Mercy is a second grader at the A2S After School Academy. She was first introduced to the Academy three years ago when Access to Success held its yearly community outreach program in her very own community. Mercy affirms that the After School Academy was the best thing that ever happened to her and her family. Since she started attending with her siblings, she has had a safe haven from the hardships surrounding her.

Community Support
Fourth in a family of six children, Mercy’s family experienced a major set back when her father left home, leaving her mother with the responsibility to care for the entire family. Her mother started a small trade and took up other menial jobs, but due to the financial strain on their family, she rarely had time for Mercy and her siblings. Things were difficult, yet the children endured, and though they returned from school to no food, they were left in the care of neighbors and family friends until Mercy’s mother had finished her work and could return home. Now, because of the After School Academy, her mom enjoys peace of mind knowing that her children are in safe hands and far away from the negative influences that are prevalent in their community.

Academic Support
Access to Success has exposed Mercy to a positive environment where learning is fun. She has improved in her academics and currently sits among the top 10 students in school. Her favorite subject is English but she is really putting extra effort into math. She credits her After School Academy teachers for helping her excel with word problems. One of the many beautiful traits of Mercy is that she has even started mentoring her younger sister and other children in her community. 

Not only does Mercy excel in academics, she also loves singing and is an active member of the A2S choir and music club. She is undergoing voice training and is even learning to write her own lyrics. (Here’s a little secret she shared with us: whenever she does her house chores, she has found that singing makes it MUCH more fun.) She was excited when she participated in the production of the song “The Light Has Come by the band You, Me and The Bread, and this year she will be singing Christmas carols for the end of the year party at the After School Academy. One day, she even hopes to use what she’s learning at the Academy to teach children how to perfect their own singing skills. 

Wellness and Nutrition / Family Engagement
Mercy is also very grateful for the daily meal program where she receives hot meals at the After School Academy. She and her siblings never have to go hungry anymore, and her mother has even joined in the fun and volunteers with A2S. Mercy prays regularly for the donors of Access to Success so that more kids on the street and in her community can enjoy a good education and nutritious meals.

Mercy is a friend to many and cares for them equally. She is truly a rare gem with a big heart. The society we live in makes it difficult to find people that love and care for others, as Mercy does.. Her biggest dream is to become a lawyer so she can help the oppressed and change government policies to benefit Nigerian society. She hopes to be an agent of change that impacts lives in such a way that empowers others to chase their dreams. 

We believe in Mercy. We know that she is on the right path to a life filled with a hope filled future. Because A2S is able to focus on academic support, wellness and nutrition, community support and family engagement that Mercy is excelling at such a great speed. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for this young lady!  

We believe children should love to learn. Every day, 250 youth swarm the A2S After School Academy, excited to have a safe, engaging place to go after school. We tutor. We play sports. We make music. We mentor. We explore technology. We celebrate the children’s imagination and encourage creative thinking. Our goal is to keep children in school and help them move from one grade level to another.

To help children like Mercy continue to grow and learn in an environment that cares for the whole child, consider a tax deductible donation to our end of year campaign, My Dream Project. 

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