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Shedrach’s 2020 A2S Story

Shedrach started his work with A2S as a volunteer during the 2018 vision trip where he served with great passion. In April 2019, he came on board as our Accountant and ICT Coordinator and is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of the Accounts Department to establish and enforce proper accounting methods, policies, and principles. Below is Shedrach’s 2020 A2S story.

A2S has impacted me in ways one cannot comprehend. It has taught me many more things about life than any philosophy lecture. When the pandemic started and the lockdown happened in March, many lost their jobs and did not know where the next month’s salary or food would come. A2S foundation did not retrench any worker; instead, it allowed employees to work from home. To make us more efficient, we were encouraged to take some e-learning courses such as “increase productivity at work,” “Speaking in Public,” etc. These courses were so impactful and inspiring, and I was able to take the courses as learning points. Today, I can prioritize and delegate tasks to make my job easier. I can identify time thieves and learn how to manage them properly. I also learned how to delegate tasks according to my team’s strengths and stick to scheduled meeting times. I learned how pertinent it was to know my audience, access the crowd beforehand, and use my weakness as a springboard to connect with my audience.

In a similar vein, my 2020 year has been grossly impacted by how the foundation showed affection and generosity to members of the public and our ASA kids during the pandemic by sharing relief materials that raised hopes, shared smiles, and empowered dreams. Conclusively, I am impacted by A2S in the year 2020 by its resolve and commitment to make the work stress-free for me and all staff members by providing a conducive atmosphere for me to carry out my task and targets.

The year 2020 has been eventful and exciting for me because there’s so much to thank God for. Like the Psalmist said, “If the Lord had not been on our side, we would have been swallowed alive by our enemies, destroyed by their anger. We would have drowned beneath the flood of these men’s fury and pride” (Psalm 124:1-5).

First, I’m thankful to God for keeping me and my household alive amid the economic hardship prevalent worldwide. God’s love and mercies towards us endure forever. For His sustenance, I am grateful to God for His divine providence, for His blessings, for the unlimited love He lavishes on us, for the protection and safety, for averting catastrophes, for good health, healing, and traveling mercies.

Many thanks also to Access to Success (A2S) for standing by me in this trying time of coronavirus pandemic. The foundation was magnanimous to retain me in my role by ensuring I still have my job intact and having no pay cut when the evil darkness (COVID-19) came upon the world. God will continue to bless A2S for all the palliative support received with the year under review. My family and I are immensely grateful.

With Gratitude, Shedrach

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