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Teachers Go To Class!

A2S volunteer and veteran educator and teacher, Carol McQuillen, made the trip to Nigeria with us this year and held a teachers seminar for the teachers at our After School Academy and teachers from the surrounding community. We are so impressed with Carol and her ability to pour joy and dedication into her profession and every encounter, conversation, and relationship in her life.

The seminar focused on teaching styles for early childhood development. Carol taught about strategies for keeping kids engaged in learning and provided activities to specifically target aspects of development in early years. The presentation featured incorporation of movement, music, and an overall encouragement of the natural curiosity in children as they begin reading, writing and discovering math. Overarching themes of fostering a positive mind frame and a confident sense of self were emphasized as tools for teachers and parents to help children grow in a positive environment. When kids feel confident exploring and learning, they will continue to seek new experiences.

Thanks to Carol’s wonderful expertise, the seminar was a big hit and our teachers are excited and recharged as they head into the new school year!

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