Your word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

FaithFuel is the monthly giving program of Access to Success.

When you join FaithFuel, you’re joining a community of givers
coming together to amplify impact.

How do I become a part of FaithFuel?
  1. Set up your monthly donation by visiting
  2. Check your mailbox each month for our A2S feature story. Your starter kit (FaithFuel photo album and candle will arrive with your first card.)
  3. Light your FaithFuel candle and pray for our A2S youth.
  4. Receive prayers from our A2S Nigeria family.
  5. Return to step two and repeat!

How does my gift help?

  • $30 PER MONTH

    360/year Feeds a child a hot meal every day for a year and sends them to primary school.

  • $45 PER MONTH

    540/Year Sends a child to the A2S After School Academy for a year.

  • $100 PER MONTH

    1,200/Year Sends a youth to university for a year and provides supplies.

  • $250 PER MONTH

    3,000/Year Sends 120 kids to our annual basketball and empowerment camp.

  • $500 PER MONTH

    6,000/Month Funds the startup costs of a business in Nigeria through A2S.

A holistic approach:

Food, basic supplies and education are simple, yet powerful tools. Together, they help us break the cycle of poverty by allowing kids to chase their dreams. instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from or how they will afford their school uniform.

Get ready to receive a FaithFuel story each month by mail. Place the card in your FaithFuel album. By the end of each year, you’ll have a collection of stories, of impact, that you’ve helped create. Click here to see sample card.
It takes a village.
Charlotte, NC

“Being part of the FaithFuel community helps me feel constantly connected to our A2S family in Nigeria. My gift doesn't just become a "bill" that I pay each month, instead it is a reminder of the ways we are all lifting one another up during the highs and lows of daily life. ”

Philadelphia, PA

“I donate to A2S because they help those whom society has forgotten feel recognized, loved and supported. Every time I sit down to a home cooked meal I can take pride that others across the world are able to do the same, and at that moment we are breaking bread together...all thanks to A2S.”

Anna and Doug
Austin, TX

“Having been to Nigeria twice, we saw with our own eyes the impact of the A2S programs and the amazing work being done with children in the After School Academy. By giving on a consistent, monthly basis we felt we could really help A2S meet the needs of the children and support the extraordinary work of the organization.”

Statesville, NC

“In my opinion, what A2S has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. I became a monthly supporter of A2S over a year ago because I have come to know the heart of the mission. I have witnessed the lives touched by A2S in Nigeria, as well as the hearts touched in the U.S., including mine.”

Washington, D.C.

“I’m honored to be a longtime supporter of Access to Success. Over these months and years, as the organization has grown, it has always remained true to its core mission - to serve others. I’m incredibly proud of the work Andrew Lovedale and his team continue to do to bring opportunities, resources, and joy to so many.”

We are grateful to be part of this community with you. Together, we are fueling a circle of hope that surrounds our countries and ignites our faith.


Your word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

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