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A2S empowers youth and their communities to achieve positive change through Christian-based athletic and educational programs in Nigeria.



Thanks to the generous support of our donors, in the last year we have been able to:

  • Build 60 desks, install whiteboards and paint the walls at The Logos Academy, the A2S-supported free school in Benin City, Nigeria
  • Hire program director “Coach Ehiz” to start an after-school basketball program
  • Award need-based scholarships to keep our youth in school and off the street
  • Execute our annual trip to Nigeria, where we served nearly 700 people in 10 days: 300 children in our after-school program, 300 campers in our free annual basketball camp and empowerment camp, and 100 through our coaches' clinic and other outreach programs.


In partnership with its Benin City community, A2S has set the following high-impact goals:

  • Building a library and computer center for The Logos Academy, to ensure every youth and teacher have access to necessary textbooks and a connection to the outside world
  • Transforming annual after-school programs on our trips into a daily A2S After-School Academy
  • Building a kitchen and creating a feeding program for the school children, ensuring their stomachs are full so they can focus on their studies
  • Subsidizing teacher salaries and providing opportunities for professional development
  • Building a multi-purpose court and A2S Academy facility, so the youth will have access to a court and thus, the opportunity to shoot a basketball into a goal rather than a dirt road


Access to Success (A2S), a Christian-based nonprofit with a focus on sports and education, was founded by former Davidson College Men’s Basketball player Andrew Lovedale out of his continued desire to give back to his native Nigeria and share his philosophy of sports, faith and education with underprivileged youth. During his time on the men’s basketball team at Davidson College, Lovedale collected basketball shoes and practice gear discarded by teammates to take home to Nigeria each summer for less fortunate players.

Lovedale launched Kicks from ‘Cats: The Andrew Lovedale Shoe Drive in February of 2009, which collected more than 10,500 pairs of shoes and $15,000. After more than 300 members of the Davidson community processed the shoes, Lovedale and Nigerian teammate Frank Ben-Eze traveled with a team of Davidson students, staff and alumni to deliver the shoes and run basketball clinics in the pair’s hometown of Benin City, Nigeria, in June of 2009. Lovedale returned to Davidson and began the planning for A2S in order to continue his work in Nigeria and impact the lives of underprivileged youth through training in sports, faith and education.

In September 2010 A2S was incorporated in Davidson, North Carolina, and in July 2011 received its 501(c)(3) status from the U.S. government. A2S currently operates in Benin City, Nigeria, and once a sustainable model is built through research and community partnership, plans to expand to other cities in Nigeria and eventually, worldwide.

A2S does not discriminate based on background or religious preference. Our policy supports providing hope and promoting change irrespective of race or religion, and we embrace supporters and volunteers from all backgrounds.


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