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Wars in Our Stomachs


Aisosa Ogboghodo is a 22-year-old A2S scholarship recipient who currently studies International Studies and Diplomacy at the Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo State. Aisosa wrote this poem to draw attention to the hunger problem faced by many in his community and around the world.

Little like a drop to be embraced daily

a drop shall indeed do good

a drop shall make us embrace smile

then we shall be whom heaven had ordained

but if we sail up through the waters by wind

far beyond where light exists

to a land where darkness is a friend

then abundance shall not take the place of a drop

yes abundance shall be perfect for nothing

beautiful earth shall have us not again

who knows if Moses of Israel is me to another Israel

Oh heaven thou knoweth

All we plead is no war

how long shall there be gunshot

how long shall there be suffering

all we need is peace

peace in our stomach

oh peace where art thou

if thou cometh our heart shall know such bliss

mind body soul greatly appeased

Oh ruler of heaven

wilt thou give us peace

wilt thou send us peace like did israel

thou cometh not from above

thou send only those that thou has given to give

where are they

make known that we may search

is there a drop in Pluto

is there a smile in Jupiter

is there peace in Venus

make known that we may search

Oh war that causeth a lot

for where cometh the strength to sail on air to peace

where cometh the blood to walk on waters

where cometh the smile to fly through desert

for weaknesses is our name

gunned by painful guns

arrowed by angry arrows

speared by unmerciful spears

Oh Wilson this we plead

call for peace again for this war is war than wars

our walks are broken

our fists are dead

our eyes barren of water

fights we have fought win we have never

relieve us our pains and sufferings

oh Wilsons peaceful Wilsons help our wars

Aisosa’s explanation of Wilson: “I’m currently studying History and International Studies. We just finished how World War I started and how it ended. Woodrow Wilson was the architect of the League of Nations. He wanted nations to come together at all times to settle misunderstandings and disputes through the World Organization instead of going to war. He was a peacemaker and because of this I pleaded in the poem that he calls again for peace conference, to put a permanent stop to another war in a disguised form of hunger and starvation.

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