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Jennifer’s Pre-Trip Blog

I’m really excited to go back home considering the fact it’s my first time going back since I left, and also to see how much A2S has grown in Nigeria. I am really looking forward to the After School Academy because I was once a student there, and going back to be able to impact the other kids brings me so much joy. I will be teaching the kids at the Academy how to use Google Docs, and will be volunteering for other things too. I don’t really know what to expect from the trip, but one thing I know is it’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to be in Nigeria right now. I really hope to inspire the kids at the camp and at the After School Academy because I was just like them. I hope to make them believe that amazing things are possible if you believe and work towards your goal. Living in a situation such as in Nigeria, it is very easy to forget how great you can be, and how high you can aim because of your environment. But really, your situation does not define who you are. I really believe this trip is going to bring the best out of people and give them a time not to think about their situation but reflect on the positive side of life. At the same time, being conscious of their environment and knowing how great they can be if they reach for the stars!

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