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Showing Love to Entrepreneurs

It’s the month of love! We caught up with three of our A2S Entrepreneurs to see how things were going with their businesses and hear their thoughts on how they have seen love within A2S.

🗣️A2S is a strong source of inspiration. They are following us every step of the way, and they are not just after the refunds of the grant. – Jesus Reigns Agrofields

🗣️A2S is family to us. They have been very supportive, and since our business was funded, they have followed us every step of the way. Our A2S mentor is doing everything possible to make sure we have enough materials and resources to make our business stand the test of time.⁠ – Le Kingfishar

🗣️The family spirit in A2S is utterly overwhelming. The constant encouragement and support A2S offers cannot be found elsewhere. I am also spreading the love I have received to others around me. – St. James Farms

Jesus Reigns Agrofield works year-round in the production of hybrid maize varieties, which mature in as early as 80-85 days. Their vision is to create a crop production that will ensure food security in Nigeria and have a significant effect on the nation’s GDP.

❓How is your business thriving?
🗣️The business is not currently thriving. We are on hold due to environmental challenges and manpower. Our location is far from where we are able to thrive.

❓What do you find most challenging at this time of year?
🗣️We are checking out new locations that will be closer to the city.

❓How is your business helping those around you?
🗣️Indirect labor and the community is able to access food items

❓Are you implementing what you learned at the 2019 Entrepreneur Workshop and how?
🗣️Yes! business strategy. We are really working on the process of starting up and sustaining a business.

Le Kingfishar⁠ is an agro-business dealing in the sale of fresh and smoked (preserved) catfish. The company also engages in fish farm consultancy services, such as fish feed formulation. ⁠ ⁠

❓How is your business thriving?⁠
🗣️Business is going well. We are exceeding our business goals, and our #fish have exceeded 1 kg. We even have fish weighing up to 2 kg now, and we are planning for expansion soon.⁠ ⁠

❓What do you find most challenging at this time of year? ⁠
🗣️At this time of the year, fingerlings are really difficult to get because hatcheries do not operate well because of the dry season.⁠

❓How is your #business helping those around you?⁠
🗣️People around our business no longer have to go to the main market before they can access quality fish, and every now and then they enjoy a nice discount.⁠ ⁠

❓Are you implementing what you learned at the 2019 #Entrepreneur Workshop and how? ⁠
🗣️Yes. We implement customer retention & relationship. We ask our customers for feedback on our services and we implement it where necessary.⁠ ⁠

St. James Farms is an agricultural establishment with the primary aim of meeting the increased demand for healthy livestock products within and outside the Benin City community.

❓How is your business thriving?⁠
🗣️”Our 2019 Christmas sales sold out, and the business is two years old. The journey has been going well and the team is working hard by playing their role in the business growth. There are plans in the pipeline for expansion.”⁠ ⁠

❓What do you find most challenging at this time of year? ⁠
🗣️”Low sales – livestock farming has a peak period, and this time of the year is not our peak. However, we are making plans to close the gap by opening another stream of income that will help boost sales. Also, we hope to get a shop in the city where we can sell our livestock produce and raise more income.”⁠ ⁠

❓How is your business helping those around you? ⁠
🗣️”We help those around us and in the community by employing indirect labor and by paying them wages.”⁠ ⁠

❓Are you implementing what you learned at the 2019 Entrepreneur Workshop and how? ⁠
🗣️”I learned from the workshop about the spirit of collaboration and how possessing great interpersonal relationship skills can open doors and sustain relationships. I have employed it greatly in my business and personal life and the results are sweet!”

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