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Molly’s Mission Trip Update: Vacation Bible School at A2S

It is hard to believe that this is my first A2S trip. I traveled to Nigeria in 2010 to meet Andrew’s family but the timing never seemed to work to go on an A2S trip. After seeing Andrew pour his heart and soul into this work over the past seven years, I finally have the opportunity to experience it first hand and it has been a truly amazing experience. 

Today was another full and productive day. Part of our team focused on the Entrepreneur Incubator and the other part of our team focused on Vacation Bible School at the A2S After-school Academy. I was part of the team that went to the Vacation Bible School. This was the first time I had seen the After-school Academy. When I went to Nigeria in 2010, only the first floor of the church was completed and the second floor was still under construction. It was wonderful to see the completed space and to see how the Nigerian team has utilized the space to create the best possible experience for the children.

When we arrived at the after-school program, we walked into a room of smiling faces eager to welcome us and to learn. Today, after the children ate and went to praise and worship, the kids presented about different professions—what each profession does and how they add value to society. The students then rotated through four stations:  exercise, dental care, mental health, and the power of water.  The energy and enthusiasm of the children was contagious. It was an absolute joy to watch them play, learn and interact with our team.  

This trip has been deeply personal and emotional for me as I am able to see the fruits of Andrew’s labor first hand and to get to meet the people who help make it all possible. I am so proud of everything they have accomplished. It is hard for me to articulate everything I’m feeling and words do not do it justice.  Excitement. Love. Joy. Hope.


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