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Dear Mother of an A2S Nigeria Scholar

What is your name?
My name is Mrs. Glory Aghahowa

What do you do for a living?
I am a cook, but I have been out of work for some time now due to some health issues I have. 

How and what do you know about Access to Success?
I got to know about Access to Success from Gospel Life Bible Church, where I am a member. I like to think of Access to Success as an organization that God has sent to help the less privileged in society. I am a widow, and God has been using them to bless my family and me. 

How has your life as a parent changed since your kid joined the A2S scholarship program? 
I have four children, three boys, and one girl. All of them passed through the After School Academy, 2 of my boys have benefited from the scholarship program. Like my late husband always said, “There is no amount of money that can be given to a child to start life. Education is the only investment in the life of a child that will go a long way and yield benefit for the child.” A2S has given me a big blessing. I am now a proud mother to graduates. When my husband passed on, I never thought I would be able to see my children through secondary education, much less tertiary education. A2S has helped me achieve the biggest dream that I have for my children by educating them.

How many years has the child/children been a beneficiary to the A2S Scholarship Program?
My children have been a beneficiary of the A2S scholarship program for over seven years now. That is 2013 to date. My first son Theodore passed through the scholarship program successfully and completed his tertiary education while my second son, Gideon, is currently a beneficiary under the scholarship program.  

How have you seen your child change since being a part of the A2S Scholarship Program?
My children’s lives have changed in a very positive way. In the community we live in, most children don’t make it through secondary school without getting involved in cultism, teenage pregnancy, and the likes. My children and I are very fortunate to have met A2S. My children are more enlightened and resourceful. They do not have time to chase harmful social vices but instead look for ways to improve society with what little they have.

How has the scholarship been of relief to your family?
When my sons were in junior secondary school, and their father passed on, I called my children and broke the news to them that I would not be able to further their education beyond junior school because I didn’t have the funds. They wanted to go to school, so they read their books and kept passing all their exams with flying colors. At one point, I prayed that they shouldn’t pass their exams so that they might consider learning a trade or working, but that’s when they got admission to a university. A2S came into our lives at the time when I was losing hope, and they made everything better. We are very grateful!

As a mother, how will you encourage your child to give back?
I encourage my children to give back because they have been catered for and should as well cater to others in due time. I advise them to start where they are. The children should volunteer at the After School Academy whenever they are not in school, and by the grace of God, when they are financially stable, they can also donate to the growth of others.

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