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Back to Nigeria…

Post by: Kristina Phillips
2017/2018 A2S Mission Team Member

God has called me back to Nigeria and I am so grateful to be able to return.

Even though I am better prepared for the sounds, smells, sights, and even the emotions I will feel, I know this trip will be different.  I will again be out of my comfort zone and vulnerable to whatever the Lord has in store for me.  Such a different experience to be able to go back and see friends again vs meeting these amazing people for the first time and them filling my heart with happiness and love.  And I will be traveling with a new incredible team who I am so very excited to work and spend time with.

I still cannot get over the emotions I felt when we arrived in Benin City last year: the smiles, open arms and bear hugs we received for the Nigerian A2S team completely swept me off my feet.   That is something I will never forget and was not prepared for.  At that point my heart was full, only for it to pour over once we really got to work, and I received hugs from so many beautiful children.

My excitement to return to basketball and empowerment camps this year is at a high.  These kids will move mountains one day.  They are such brilliant minds and such gifted athletes (even while wearing shoes that are falling apart).   The IDP camp and After School Academy children have my heart beating strong just thinking about getting to see them again.

To get to see the kids I met last year and see how they have grown is something I am looking so forward to. I am reminded of them so often- pictures on my phone, in my house and their stories on this tip on my tongue telling anyone who will listen. I do hope that what will stay the same with these wonderful kids is the passion and love they have for God and no other.  It is truly something that amazes me and I am so grateful to be able to witness their praise and worship.

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