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Peace’s 2020 A2S Story

Peace is a talented young lady. This A2S After School Academy kid strives to do well in everything she puts her hands to. Her story is one of determination and strength. Read below to learn more, directly from Peace, about how 2020 has been a gift to her and her family. 

In the year 2020, I was so happy that my family and I saw the new year. I planned to be active and show that I am intelligent when we started back to school. So I went to school, and we were pleased. It was not five months before we started hearing about a disease called COVID-19, also known as CoronaVirus. The pandemic began in February, but we went on lockdown in March. We had to stop going to school, and I was so sad at first because the pandemic spoiled my plans and made life difficult for everyone. Shops and local markets locked down, and many people had nothing to eat at home, but it was not long before A2S started giving out food every month. The children also received assignments, and these assignments were to be done at home and submitted in the following month. Once completed, A2S supplied another set of lessons and foodstuffs. I was so happy. Even the A2S staff members called to check up on us and reminded us to stay safe when the lockdown eased, and we were allowed to resume school. A2S showed us much kindness by giving us beautiful book bags, water bottles, notebooks, socks, and shoes to use for school. Now I can fulfill my 2020 plans of being the best in my class at school.

I am thankful to my dear mother because she was the one who was in charge of leaving the house to get the food items and assignments A2S was giving to us. I am also thankful to my teachers at the A2S Academy because they were in charge of compiling the questions that kept my siblings and me busy during the lockdown period. I am thankful to all A2S staff members here in Nigeria who took the risk to package food items and assignments. I am also grateful to the donors of A2S for the generous support they showed to us. May God continue to bless and shield them from all evils.


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