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A2S encourages its supporters to be part of our annual Vision Trip to Nigeria to connect with our Nigerian leaders, host basketball camps, offer youth development, and share skills among our ongoing community programs. As former travelers will tell you, it is a life-changing experience that provides insight into how we work with our partners on ground to bring about education and opportunity for the Nigerian people.

These are 10 day trips, with programs centered around athletics, faith, and education. We welcome all who have a desire to expand their cultural perspective and give back in their own way.

Prayerfully Consider Taking a Journey


As an A2S Trip Volunteer, you will:
  • Assist with our free annual youth basketball camp.
  • Serve at our free annual youth empowerment camp.
  • Minister through our annual Vacation Bible School.
  • Distribute thousands of athletic, educational, health and basic supplies to people in need.
  • Worship with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.
  • Explore the sights and sounds of the rich Nigerian culture.
Christy shares about her first visit to Nigeria.

Being part of the FaithFuel community helps me feel constantly connected to our A2S family in Nigeria. My gift doesn’t just become a “bill” that I pay each month, instead it is a reminder of the ways we are all lifting one another up during the highs and lows of daily life. 


I donate to A2S because they help those whom society has forgotten feel recognized, loved and supported. Every time I sit down to a home cooked meal I can take pride that others across the world are able to do the same, and at that moment we are breaking bread together…all thanks to A2S.


Having been to Nigeria twice, we saw with our own eyes the impact of the A2S programs and the amazing work being done with children in the After School Academy. By giving on a consistent, monthly basis we felt we could really help A2S meet the needs of the children and support the extraordinary work of the organization.

Anna and Doug

In my opinion, what A2S has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. I became a monthly supporter of A2S over a year ago because I have come to know the heart of the mission. I have witnessed the lives touched by A2S in Nigeria, as well as the hearts touched in the U.S., including mine.


I’m honored to be a longtime supporter of Access to Success. Over these months and years, as the organization has grown, it has always remained true to its core mission – to serve others. I’m incredibly proud of the work Andrew Lovedale and his team continue to do to bring opportunities, resources, and joy to so many.


A big shout out to A2S for the empowerment camp. You guys were a blast. God bless you all.

Tejiri Jade, A2S Camper

Through two days of camp, I really learned a lot a lot about not only basketball, but I learned how to make new friends and so much more. This was all thanks to Access to Success. Please keep it up, impacting our lives positively and teaching us a lot about life.

Omozuawho Smart, A2S Camper

Throughout the camp, I saw Godly humility in Andrew’s team of volunteers from the United States and the coaches. I pray God will strengthen your hands to empower the weak, and most of all, that God will give you all more blessings for your time, resources and patience. I’m proud of you all. Thanks!

Ebelebe Inifome Isaiah, A2S Camper

I’m impressed with the way the camp was organized this year. This has really given me the tonic to start something like this. Life is all about touching lives and impacting others with what God has endowed us. This is my concept of success.

Coach Ralph Ani, A2S Volunteer Coach

By the time we were ready to head home, I knew the words well enough to sing along and experience the power behind the simple lyrics of a song that had become an anthem of my entire trip: Hold somebody Tell them that you love them Lift your hands together And praise the Lord!

Will Roberson, 2013 A2S Volunteer

Upon our entrance, we were welcomed by hugs, smiles, handshakes, applause and warm greetings, all of which moved me to tears. As we stood in front of the congregation full of kids and volunteers, I became overwhelmed with emotions as everything I had been doing for A2S during the last 10 months became real in that moment — the children, the stories, the church. They were no longer distant images in my head; they were all right in front of me. I have never been so moved by anything, and I knew right then that this was not the end but only the beginning for me.

Krista Jackson, 2013 A2S Volunteer

I thank you and the entire A2S crew for the warmth of love and the selfless services you all showed towards us at UNIBEN. We appreciate and love you guys. You left your comfort zone and came all the way here to empower, impact and inspire a broken people. You showed us a bigger picture than we could ever dare to imagine and, most importantly, you gave us the tools to achieve it. A2S because of you we can think better, play better, and we have become better people both on and off the court. May God Almighty bless you guys and fill each of your hearts with more love and passion for what you do. AMEN!!

Raymond Ugeru, A2S Camper

The final realization that I have come to is how perfectly this trip encompassed every aspect of my life. Though I have been on trips with other nonprofits, I have never been able to include one of the largest parts of my life: basketball. Basketball is such a huge part of my life and to have the ability to combine serving, faith, and basketball, means the world to me.

Hannah Early, 2013 A2S Volunteer

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